Repeal HealthCare Act

Save the HealthCare System and our Freedom to Choose

We vow to overturn the destructive national healthcare legislation that was enacted over the legitimate objections of a majority of American citizens!

With your help we will produce and deliver FIVE MILLION petitions from Americans all across our great nation in the next 300 days?a number never before seen in the history of our nation!

We will force repeal of the "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"--- because it is anything but what the title proclaims. We will leave no option to the Congress except outright repeal!

We, the American people, will work together to take this law off the books before exploding healthcare costs, accelerated by this law, damage the American economy.

We will not accept the looming bankruptcy of our nation through unrestrained new healthcare costs that will explode across our already teetering economy!

We will not accept the shredding of Medicare services to vulnerable elderly Americans just to create the fiction of cost savings for this new healthcare legislation!