To my members of Congress and the President. In 1983 a grand bargain was struck between "WE THE PEOPLE" and their Government to save Social Security for the next 75 years. The agreement said, "WE THE PEOPLE" will agree to pay more than needed in Social Security taxes ($179 billion dollars in one year alone), and our Government would use those overpayments to build a cash reserve for the now retiring 74 million baby boomers, retiring at the rate of 10,000 a day.

"WE THE PEOPLE" have kept our end of the bargain, unfortunately, 535 members of congress have made another choice. They chose to renege, and spend those overpayments on something other than intended, then leave a new debt for every dollar they spent. One of your own confesses, since deceased Senator Dr. Tom Coburn, is on the floor of the United States Senate: As a thank you for keeping our end of the bargain, 535 members of congress have left "WE THE PEOPLE" hanging with a new $2.8 trillion Social Security retirement dollar debt that has to be paid again, created out of our own Social Security tax overpayments. As a final insult to our intelligence, 535 members of congress agreed to list that $2.8 trillion dollar debt as an asset on the Social Security trust fund balance sheet.

"WE THE PEOPLE" put our trust in our Government, and our Government, that is 535 members of Congress have violated that trust in the most egregious of ways. Now "WE THE PEOPLE" are demanding "REPARATION" for the now $2.8 trillion stolen Social Security retirement dollars, and the damage that theft has visited upon 10s of millions of your fellow Americans, their families, the communities they all call home, and by extension OUR AMERICA. Here's just one example:

To my members of congress, and my President, the ball is in your court. If you choose to address this issue then respond to this email at:
If you choose to ignore the issue, think MIDTERMS