Relief from Child Support Debt

One of the few [student loans is another] debts that seem to be unattackable is unfair to the Dad's in this country who have tried hard and paid most of their obligation. The DCSS is unbending bordering on tyrannical and will not allow any reduction or mitigation forcing those who have a real loss of income or disability causing a changed circumstance to have to go to court...a daunting task for most Americans. Then, if the judge is anti-Dad or closet misandrist
you get no relief. There should be relief from these back breaking rules that allow for an automatic reduction without going to court and allow for some form of forgiveness and mercy if Dad can demonstrate a history, say 1/2 of the child's life up to 18 years old, of currency.

Also, the taking of professional licenses is unconstitutionally improper and defeats Dad's ability to make a living to pay support. This must be legislated and fixed on both fronts immediately.

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