Release Tax Refunds and Stimulus payments for Injured Spouses

I among many others filed our tax returns almost immediately when the IRS started accepting them. I have not gotten my refund yet nor can we even speak to someone at the IRS for over FIVE weeks now.
Not ONLY did those of us filing injured spouse NOT get our tax returns yet but now all of us are dealing with the fact that the IRS has now taken OUR half of the stimulus and given it to our spouses child support debt.
In my situation I will not even being filing joint in 2020 so NONE of my stimulus should have gone to his debt nor am I responsible for it.
Someone needs to get the IRS to release the money that is owed to us and help us get our money back from child support debt that we are not responsible for.
What a HUGE fail on the governments part to push out payments for millions of people while there are many of us who haven't even gotten money from our own tax return.

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