Release Driver's license Revocations

As We The People Should Not Be Hindered by Revoking Licensing laws. It Destroys our Abilities To Be Able To Provide For Ourselves and As Well As Our Loved Ones. It Only Makes The Lives Of Our People That Much Harder And Difficult Day By Day. They Say Pay Your Childsupport. If You Fail To Do So Your License Will Be Revoked. How Does That Make Any Since ?
To Be Able To Pay For Anything In This Day In Age A Job Is Required. To Be Able To Make It To Our Daily Jobs We The People Normally Drive and To Drive Its Required By Law To Be Licensed. So By Taking Our Licenses Because Of None Payment Of Childsupport. Takes Our Ability Away To Be Able To Drive. Which Then Takes Our Ability Away To Be Able To Make It To Our Everyday Jobs. Then Ending In The Results From That Lands Us With No Jobs. Therefore No More Payments To Childsupport.
If Childsupport Wants Payments More Then Nonpayments. Then Stop Hindering The Ability To Do So.

Thank You