Reject Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch Does Not Respect The Constitution!

Loretta Lynch does not respect the Constitution. If confirmed as America's next Attorney General, she will expand the power of the executive branch and give Obama even more authority! She believes that Obama's executive immigration orders are "reasonable" and Constitutional. It is clear that Loretta Lynch has no desire to enforce immigration laws! This clear lack of judgement is very telling about Loretta Lynch's discretion on other issues. How can Americans trust an Attorney General who only selectively enforces the law? If the Constitution is deemed inconvenient to Loretta Lynch, she will interpret the law the way she sees fit! This kind of judicial activism is extremely dangerous!

Loretta Lynch is Eric Holder 2.0. She is being propped up by the Brady Campaign because she supports banning a laundry list of firearms and ammunition. As a radical liberal, Loretta Lynch views the Second Amendment as nothing more than words written many years ago. Throughout her career as a federal prosecutor in New York, Loretta Lynch regularly used Civil Asset Forfeiture to seize private property without due process. The Civil Asset Forfeiture process is frequently used to seize guns, computers, and money of individuals not charged with crimes. In short, Civil Asset Forfeiture is based on the idea of guilty before proven innocent. There is no question that Loretta Lynch is an enemy of freedom! She must be stopped!

Please vote no on the confirmation of Loretta Lynch!