Reinstate Felon Rights

A petition to reinstate the constitutional rights of non-violent offenders, including voting, the ability to travel out of country, and an end to employment discrimination.

The United States prides itself on its Bill of Rights, prefaced with the belief that all men are created equal and endowed with the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But, for thousands of American citizens whom have paid their debt to society, such a living is lawfully kept from within their grasp.

The denial of basic voting rights, the continuance of discriminatory hiring based on past non-violent offenses, and the prohibition of global travel places a collar on the necks of these tax paying Americans.

These practices are unconstitutional and fall under the realm of "double jeopardy", where the individual is punished for the rest of their life even after serving their due time. This flies in the face of the principles of our great republic, a land founded on second chances, new beginnings, and the offering of opportunity to all who seek it. Once the debt has been paid, who are we to charge a life long interest?

"Taxation without Representation" has come to stand for the ideal that every American citizen has a voice. We must restore this voice, without prejudice, without malice, and with the full understanding that those who contribute and attempt rehabilitation are worthy of full livelihood.

Stand with me, not because of personal feeling, but because it is right and are STILL Americans, most attempting to do their part even after their transgressions.