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There is no more heinous crime, short of murder, than child sex offenses. Actually, molestation/rape of a minor child is nothing short of "murder of the soul of a child", a crime against nature that robs young, innocent children of any "normalcy" that they may have had in their lives, robbery of their God-given right for a fair chance at a good life. It robs them of something deep inside of their character, of who they are, that cannot ever be replaced. South Carolina has, in an unprecedented case, granted sole custody of an innocent minor child to a REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDER. The public here is outraged at this bizarre ruling, and we view it as nothing short of blatant child endangerment. The registered child sex offender in question also lives across the street from a middle school and a major park. Why does the SEX OFFENDERS REGISTRY exist if it is not to be enforced? The mother of this unprecedented case took this case all the way to Supreme Court only to be told that the Supreme Court refused to hear the case without reason why. Our concern is not only for the helpless child that was placed in the care of such a "thief of innocence", but that this unprecedented case opens the door to other cases of minor, innocent, helpless children being placed in harm's way! We respectfully ask for a law against REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDERS being granted custody of minor children! The "best interest of the children", as the Family Court System claims, should override any "rights" that an individual who has shown him/herself such a threat to children may claim. We speak out for the children who have no voice! It is the duty of each parent and state to protect our children!
Sherry Ramsey Branch
1827 Matthews Drive
Rock Hill, SC 29732

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Apr 13th, 2017
Someone from Washingtonville, OH writes:
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I have a non-violent sex offense with no victim and will be off the registration in 3 years or soon as I get my name and photo Federal copyrighted and trademarked. I have full custody of my 4 year old son. I think and believe only ones should not get custody is ones with a hands on victim period. Not all sex offenders have victims and depends on a case by case and how many years ago like mine was 12 years ago seeking marriage under one state law with parents consent vs another state had a 4 year age gap law.
Feb 17th, 2017
Leandrea H. from Cartersville, GA writes:
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I am the maternal grandmother of a granddaughter who is living on the home in georgia of a Registered sex offender. My daughter is in prison right now. The sex offender has kept me from any contact of my grand daughter since Sept. 2016. How can I get her out of their? The court has allowed this.
Feb 13th, 2017
from Reno, NV writes:
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you people have no idea do you try this I was accused of this crime not for having sex with a minor but for attempting to while in the middle of a divorce and with no proof and no prior act I still was convicted and just because I was getting custody of my children this witch gets my nephew to say this and I payed for it and six months after I go to prison she abandons the children with her mother give me a break I want my kids back and god knows the truth.
Jan 29th, 2017
Someone from Twentynine Palms, CA writes:
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So I'm on my way to more than likely becoming a sex offender and I'm 19. For one, I'm married and have a 10 month old son and we agreed to seperate (though not legally) and during that time I had been flirting with someone from back home who was 16. We had decided to swap pictures and what not through snapchat and now, because I was ignorant to the laws (swore age of consent covered me but the more I look into it I am realizing it doesn't) it's coming back to haunt me. Girl didn't an opinion of mine on a friends facebook page and through her anger decides to rat me out and now I'm being kicked out of the military and guarantee you I'll be facing brig time and then a life of ******** to follow. Wife and I were just getting better too and now we are afraid we will be forced to divorce and I'll never be there for my family again. So think twice before calling sex offenders monsters because although some are, most aren't and happen from situations like this or from stupid parents condemning a high school relationship.
Jan 26th, 2017
Someone from Millsboro, DE writes:
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No sex offender should be allowed Custody or even visitation in the home of any children, Either as a stepfather, uncle, or biological father! That is not in the best interest of the child!!!!!
Jan 7th, 2017
Someone from Antioch, CA writes:
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You people are idiots. I'm not perfect, in fact I'm an idiot too. Because of various abuses suffered at the hands of relatives, I spent my childhood,teens and young adult life coping with damages suffered. This is nothing new in human history. In my midteens I began experimenting with weed and alcohol than in early 20'S, meth. While high on hard alcohol and crank, I met and had consensual relations with a girl (who turned out to be daughter of sheriff deputy). I paid for "crimes against society" prescribed by law. Never re-offended in that manner again. Years later, I have been harassed out of jobs, threatened with bodily harm, persecuted by peers, family and law enforcement. My own innocent children (yes I dared to live a good healthy life!) were taken and auctioned off by county officials, because of a lapse in judgement 18 years ago. If someone is a threat, than yes deal with the problem! But people are ignorant, stupid savages governed by their emotions( basically hypocrites). Government officials are supposed to be impartial, leaders and pillars in community..not profit driven cowards with no cares for the lives their decisions affect! GOD loves and pardons repentant offenders regardless of crime. And he commands his appointed to do the same. I am a witness to your lack of remorse, to your persecutionsite of his pardoned (by faith) children. May your mistakes and failures haunt your every step through life. No one should suffer to watch their babies parcelled out because of long repented mistakes.
Dec 28th, 2016
Someone from Clover, SC signed.
Dec 18th, 2016
Someone from Shakopee, MN writes:
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I am a sex offender in a custody battle. In Highschool I was 17 and dating a 15 year old then I turned 18 and her parents called the police. You should really think before you paint such broad generalizations. I am not a predator. I was in a happy committed relationship. The majority of sex offenders were in similar circumstances.
Dec 10th, 2016
Susan B. from Quakertown, PA writes:
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What can you do when the courts are even afraid of convicted pedophiles, recently I seen a judge practically kissing the*****of a convicted pedophile of the highest degree on video and not respecting the mother to fight for her child's rights. If we can't trust these judges to make the right decision for our children lives, what is left to keep them safe. It is against Magen's Law and yet no one is supporting that.
Nov 11th, 2016
shaylean a. from Tucson, AZ signed.