Reform parental rights and bring morals back to America

Thousand of families are torn apart every year in America. Some parents are not fit to raise children, some are, and some need help. When a child is separated from their mother and/or father it can effect different developmental stages of the child's life causing them to have severe mental issues and trust issues. A) After a foster child ages out of foster care 40%-50% are homeless within a year. B) 80% of all criminals in the US were in foster care. Those are huge numbers containing two of the biggest areas Americans complain about our country today, criminals and homeless. What to do with the homeless and how to fix the criminals. You can say those children grow up that way because of what their parents put them through, but there are studies that prove the detrimental damage done to a child separated from their family, even if that child experienced trauma with the family. C)children that are adopted, less than 3% Graduate a four year college. So if half of the children who get taken away and put into foster care grow up to be the source of Americas problems, and a tiny fraction less, than 3%, actually make something of themselves, then maybe we should try something new. * First of all let's start with the caseworkers. D)They need better training. If you have children you know, E) you can not learn about being a parent from a book. You can read all the books in the history of the world and when you have a child, are completely unprepared. F) People that don't have kids don't know how to parent. G) Someone with out children can not even comprehend the meaning of " the best interest of a child". H) We need more mothers as case workers. There are a lot of single mothers who need good jobs, that should be part of the criteria to be a to be a child protective services caseworker. Next, if a parent or parents are deemed to have a child/children taking in to foster care, I) the state incentives are to get foster kids adopted, so they end rushing that foster child into adoption. J) If a parent has an addiction, they will never have enough time to recover remember an addict will be an addict for the rest of their lives. K) If the state is doing everything they can to reunite families, then why do they work so hard to make it so difficult for reunification. They talk to the parents as if they have failed already. L) They belittle you. Projecting negativity towards another person can greatly hinder their improvement. M) The caseworkers give the impression that you have already failed, they just haven't told you yet. N) survivors of domestic abuse who go to the hospital, and then a caseworker will make the assumption by profiling a mother weather or not the caseworker thinks the mom will take back the abuser, and takes her children, for that reason alone. O) The caseworker does not recommend a special brain injury scan. Hospitals usually don't check you for a brain injury scan if your admitted for abuse. P)However in the 90's it is was discovered that 80% of women in abuse situations have an undiagnosed Brian injury, or several. The second accuring before the first one had proper time to fully heal. Most brain injury causing problems that one theQ) victim has no prior knowledge of brain injury caused by blows to the head. R) And two will cause her problems for the rest of her life. Problems from a physical injury. S) Causing cognitive problems, memory, loss, difficulty processing thoughts and the ability to react the way one would before the injury. Now take this abused scared mother who has memory loss. Hard time with vocabulary, and slower reaction times and longer times to process it all. Take her children away from her and throw her in the court room and see how she excels. T) The effects of a brain injury will cause the mother to seem like she is changing her story, can't remember because she's got to be lying, and like she doesn't care because the part of her brain that controls her emotions to react has been physically damaged.U) In the 90s the information was made available to CPS caseworkers, yet they chose to not take the voluntary training, and then doesn't recommend a special brain scan that can detect the tiny tears in the brain tissue. V) The victims injury becomes the very thing that is used against her character in court. W) We need to raise awareness of the impact on the behavior and decision making abilities of the physical injury to the brain. Her behavior is not her fault not can she correct it, nor is she even aware of it. It's not worth separation of the basic fundamental right to be a family, we are letting these childless caseworkers destroy our country. No one would take their vehicle to a supervisor at McDonald's and ask what they think is wrong with their car and what does he think he should do to fix the problem. So why give authority to women who have read about parenting. X) You can't teach parenting with out having kids, that's kind of the whole point of how it works. I don't even understand why someone thought that was a good idea. It's not a recipe you can just fallow. Y) Parenting is a life lesson learned only by experience and time. Young mothers are going to make mistakes along the way, but she will get better as time goes by and the kids will get better, Z) that mother passed her knowledge down to her kids when they get older, but ONLY after they become parents too. Parenting is a knowledge you pass down through generations of families it's how traditions are build and values are established. We are taking the most important , natural part of evolution, out of America. We are absolutely taking the food out of our own mouths. We have to change, to keep thriving as a country for much longer this is the first thing we look past and think that we are doing such a good job, that dominoes and eventually knocking the whole system down. If it comes to the point where children have to really be adopted, and there are no charges on the birth parent, I believe we owe it to our country to at least let that parent or parents co- parent with the adoptive parents. They should be matched on similar views and morals and beliefs. And all the children who are currently adopted should have the right to get to see their parents again and give them a chance to develop a healthy trust and support system. The children can be easied into the co- parenting agreement. Only because the caseworker had no problem disrupting the child's life before so we won't let them disrupt it too much, but it is assumed that most children want to see their parents. Most of them will look for their parents when they are older and should be able to see them before if they wish to. They should at least be giving the option, and the birth parent should be giving a chance at a co- parent agreement. A therapist may be helpful to assistant in any uncomfortable or overwhelming feelings, that the hurt from the separation may bring out. But it will be a learning process for everyone. It takes a village to raise a child and every family deserves to grown and learn and play and be happy together. Experiencing a tough life situation, should not be a reason to teach our children to run away from their problems, and that they can just go somewhere else and people will give you whatever you want. ( Take them away from their problems and give them to rich people who spoil them and buy them toys to get them used to new parents= run away from problems, people will give you things) it teaches them entitlement, then they think they are entitled to take whatever they want and entitled to not have to work and be self sufficient. Criminals and homeless.