Reduce Third degree felons to be under supervision as a parolee rather than being a burden to tax payer being incarcerated.

My son was sentenced to 120 months in a state prison for trafficking conspiracy. He was at the wrong place with the wrong people and unthinkable decisions. I honestly think, as a mother, that he deserved to pay for what he's done to society, his family and himself. But my request is that rather than he being sitting his derriere,reading, meditating and other non-important activities, are being paid by taxpayers in vain, he should be working, taking care of his family, as I though him to do. I don't see the reason why my son is incarcerated to be a burden to society and unable to endure the responsibilities he has brought against himself, by becoming a family men. He should be paying his taxes, not us. He is not a threat to society as a hardcore criminal, rather he had a full time job to pursue his future. I believe he could have a 24 hours supervision with an anklet, just going from work to home and vice-versa. As Republicans that I am, I believe that he could serve society with some extra hours, working with any young groups in his same situation to have duties in various communities, such as; cleaning, translating (he is bilingual), office work with any non profit organizations, etc. We could be helpful for the next 4 years and I'm including myself with an opportunity too. It had always being my intentions to get involved with the three minorities I belonged too: Cherokee, Black and Hispanic. This will be a great chance for me, as well. Thank you for what ever decision you take for this matter. Keep America great Again!!!
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