Reduce Insulin Costs

Insulin costs have skyrocketed in recent years, limiting access to life sustaining medication for individuals with diabetes.

Without insulin, my daughter will die.

She is one of over 1 million Americans with Type 1 Diabetes, an autoimmune disease that prevents her body from producing insulin.

Diabetes affects over 29 million Americans, is the 7th leading cause of death, and exceeds over $176 billion in direct healthcare costs each year. Diabetes is a money maker for the healthcare industry. It is a budget killer for American families.

Eli Lilly bought the patent on Frederick Banting's first insulin for $1.00 almost 100 years ago. There have been advancements, but Lilly's most commonly used form of insulin, Humalog was approved by the FDA in 1996 as a "fast acting" insulin.The cost has increased to over $400 per vial today.

Novalog, another fast acting form of insulin, retails for over $300 per vial.

Lantus, a long acting form of insulin, is priced at $280 per vial.

It's worth noting that most insulin dependent individuals require Lantus and one of the two fast acting forms of insulin, along with blood glucose testing strips, and other various diabetes related supplies.

Eli Lilly's CEO, John Lechleiter, has been quoted as saying,"yes, the drugs can be expensive, but the disease is a lot more expensive."

No, Mr. Lechleiter, without insulin, my child's disease, type 1 FATAL.

Insulin costs, like Mylan's EpiPens, have increased by over 400% in recent years. Americans pay the highest prices for insulin in the world. People are unable to afford these prices, and are being forced to make difficult choices. Often that choice is to limit their insulin use, risking their lives. There is no help from their high deductible insurance carriers. RX plans are refusing to cover various insulins beginning January 1, 2017 because of the high costs. Not only is it financially inaccessible, but now insurance providers are limiting access! What options do we have? Go broke trying to afford these life sustaining medications, and watch our children waste away and die?

Is that what we can expect from the healthcare system in the greatest country in the world?

It is time for someone to put a stop to this.

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Public Comments (18,080)
Mar 16th, 2018
Melanie P. from Brandon, MS writes:
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Insulin dependent people should have the same BENEFITS AS RECOVERING HEROIN ADDICTS WHO GET THEIR METHODONE FROM THE CLINICS.... Pancreas abnormal function VS illegal drug dependacy. Hello..... help these people with a reduction in costs.
Jan 17th, 2018
Richard D. from Port Richey, FL writes:
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cost of insulin too high,insulin user for 65 years
Jan 13th, 2018
Someone from Lexington, OK writes:
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I have had to go to the emergency room because I didnt have money for insulin and went into DKA.. This needs to happen. I'm 23 years old, there are kids out there whose families are in my boat, but they're 3, or 4, or 8. They don't deserve this.
Jan 13th, 2018
Britta V. from Boulder, CO writes:
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I've used humalog for 16 of the 18 years I've been type 1 diabetic. I will not go back because insulin manufacturers see our lives as an opportunity for profit.
Dec 23rd, 2017
Douglas M. from Springville, UT writes:
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I've been a type 1 Diabetic for 39 years. My 2600 insurance deductible is consumed by my first order of insulin every year. have seen the cost skyrocket. Something needs to be done.
Dec 13th, 2017
Don T. from Canton, TX signed.
Dec 8th, 2017
Theresa M. from Smith Center, KS signed.
Dec 6th, 2017
Someone from Clarkston, WA signed.
Nov 28th, 2017
Kaleena Y. from Clarkston, WA signed.
Oct 7th, 2017
Matt C. from Lancaster, PA signed.

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