Recognization of the confederate soldier

From 1861-1865 over a 650k men died on the battle fields of the south ( Bull Run, Gettysburg,
Antietam, Shiloh ) just to name a few, the civil war brought , brother against brother, fathers against sons, not only did it tear this nation apart but it did the same to families .

157 years have past now since those bloody campaigns and yet the confederate soldier has never recieved full recognition from the U.S government some confederate veterans did receive some benefits, the widows and sons did but that was all.

It seems that the civil war has not truly ended, for today we still debate the actions and why it happened. We have torn down statues of those men in hopes it would make a difference to hide the fact that such a terrible thing happened and yet torn down statues have not made any bodies lives better.

If we as a nation wish to continue to heal then we need to give full recognition to the soldiers and congress is the only ones who can do that.

We owe it to them, their families and decendants . We as a nation have always honored those brave men and women who have fought and died not only for this country but for other nations as well, shall we still have such hatred toward our countries war dead that the confederate soldier must still be calvenized as being an evil person.

It is time that we recognize them and their struggles and to allow them to finally rest in peace.

So that we can finally says they to where AMERICAN soldiers.