Racism Evaluation Detection Program or RED Act

This petition calls for Congress to pass legislation to enact the Racism Evaluation Detection Program bill for police departments nationwide.

We The People of the United States of America, petition Congress to enact the Racism Evaluation Detection Program Act or (RED Act) which would require police departments nationwide that serve in communities which are made up predominately of minority citizens, to include, during the psychological evaluations and vetting of potential new law enforcement officers, a standardized test made up of specific questions regarding racism and fairness, and ones internal biases towards specific minority groups. Due to the national seriousness and urgency of this type of long overdue and needed testing, the test should be created by a national institution that specializes in human behavior and psychological testing, and should also incorporate the use of truth testing methods or lie detectors to ensure both truth and accuracy. This will ensure that law enforcement officers are mentally and psychologically fit to serve the communities in which they are hired to work. Included in the new on-going national retraining process of law enforcement officers already in the field, testing should also be required as a means of determining proper psychological retraining methods needed, and to ascertain if an officer's current position is in the best interest and safety of the community.

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