Purpose of Child support? Take a stand

So I am a father of a 6 year old girl where I have been ordered to pay child support for the last 3 and a half years. So directly from child support themselves this is the purpose of child support. " To make sure the child is taken care of ; food,shelter,clothing , etc." So if that is the purpose of child support then why am I ordered to pay 387.00 a month? Let me explain. The first year child support was ordered I had my daughter 60% of the time. Sometimes 10 or 11 days in a row. The next 2 years 50% of the time I had her. So am I not providing my part in caring for my child? Am I 100% responsible ? So the purpose of child support is not what they told me. The purpose of child support in my case is a tool or way to control my life by a narcissistic mother. In her own words she would rather me spend 6 months in jail than her receive 6 months of support payments . I can't find stable employment around me because this person makes it almost impossible. Using my daughter at every turn. I understand about custody and all that. But how can anyone justify me paying child support and having my daughter 50-60% of the time. Here is what child support allows in my life. Abuse, manipulation and threatened with jail time for not paying. Obviously then the system is not even abiding by the purpose it was built on. Also, what this is allowing is a barrier or tearing apart the relationship with my daughter. See, judges and governments will say its your responsibility. What is? Serious updates or changes are needed.
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