Protect our US Military: No COVID “vaccine” Mandates

Our US Military should NOT be mandated to receive an injection that is new medicinal technology. Our country supports “evidence based practice” science. The COVID injection has only been in emergency use for approximately 9-10 months. Already, there are numerous adverse side effects/injuries. Why would we expose our Military, our Protectors of this country to an UN-evidenced based injection? What scientific evidence supports this mandate of this magnitude? We know the survival rate of contracting Covid-19 is 99.8%. CDC warns of myocarditis in young men 17-30 after receiving the injection. (The average age of military). Breakthrough infection still occurs in the vaccinated. Many Military have already had Covid and natural immunity protects against variants better than a man-made injection.
No Mandates are Warranted for our Military. Protect our Military so they can protect our country!