Protect the children in Arizona from the AZ DCS

The Arizona DCS has failed my 7 grandchildren. I have been reporting to them since September 1, 2022 about the sexual molestation of my oldest grandchild and nothing was done or investigated by either DCS or the mother or the individual that has claimed the children have been living with her throughout this time period. Which is a lie. Three of the children were taken to Mexico in November of 2021 and left with a stranger who was reportedly abusing them and then once the DCS realized I had filed two of the children as missing they finally decided to investigate the four children in Arizona but the three in Mexico were out of their jurisdiction. And after I borrowed money and went to rescue the children DCS stepped in and kidnapped the children from underneath me. And then instructed the person they placed the children back with to file for an order of protection against me. They went to a Justice court that is well out of their way to an officer known for and been reprimanded for mishandling orders of protection. I have received harassing phone calls from individuals impersonating Kentucky State Police officer and I am afraid for the safety of my grandchildren. The caretaker is actively planning to take the children back to Mexico and leave them with the same woman who was abusing them. Enough is enough. This matter has gotten way out of hand and even the criminal complaints I have filed have not been investigated. When does it end??? Enough is enough in April of 2022 the State if AZ DCS had over 15,000 cases backlogged that still needed to be investigated. Why are the innocent children being used as if they are luggage. Why does this State agency be allowed to break their own procedures and protocol? It is not fair and it is unacceptable these people need to be held accountable for not doing their job.