Proper Home Owner's Associations Regulations

HOA's are getting out of hand and they need to be stopped.

To Whom It May Concern:

Home Owner's Associations are getting out of hand. I work for a property management company and have seen first hand the dark side of HOAs. The idea of reasonable regulations is fantastic and no doubt helps to keep the neighborhood a nice place to live, but the fact that HOAs are NOT regulated by the government leaves tenants and owners at their mercy. HOAs can charge ridiculous amounts of fines and can treat non-board members however they wish. For example, where I work we pay the HOA fees each year for one of our owners. When it's all said and done the owner must dish out over a thousand dollars (closer to two thousand) for just HOA fees. Then we began to get notices that the tenant was not adhering to their regulations (which we had never been given a copy of, and neither had the tenant). The tenant began to be harassed, including but not limited to a board member saying "I will shoot your dog in the face" (his dog plays in his back yard with his two small children and the board member specifically said that he could look down from his upstairs window and shoot into the man's yard) and threatening to tow his car IN HIS OWN DRIVEWAY! The harassment has continued with the tenant pretty much being left on his own with NO support from the HOA because "it's his right as a board member". They began levying fines against the property for no reason, to date the tenant has had to pay over $500 because "he wasn't following the rules" (which they wouldn't send us or provide for him). It's no wonder houses aren't moving, people are probably terrified to have an overbearing HOA company breathing down their necks constantly, I know for a fact I will never buy a home in an HOA for that exact reason. After two verbal requests and a written one (which the HOA says they never received our verbal requests) they finally provided a copy of their rules and regulations, one of which is "You may not park a tan car outside your home on a Sunday." How is this reasonable?! How may someone charge you $150 for having the wrong color car? There MUST be regulations and influence by the government in these situations, this is getting out of control fast. I would even go so far as to say that HOA's should be completely demolished, they treat their communities the way a dictator might with even the barest thing out of place resulting in fines and absolutely horrible treatment.

This is a violation of our rights as human beings, and as Americans. We should be able to do what we want so long as we adhere to reasonable expectations and US laws, but threatening to shoot individuals, invading people's privacy and all around being a nuisance is NOT helping us.