Proof in the paperwork

I had 3 children legally kidnapped by polk county dhs. My oldest who i had no founded abuse or neglect on was adopted by a social worker who took part in kidnapping her. My other daughter i had a case because marijuana use that was set to close when dhs lied and said my 2 boys dad molested her. He was never questioned or charged and i was forced to sign my rights away or they would take my baby i was pregnant with at birth. Instead dhs gave his dad custody of him yet said he molested my daughter. My daughter and son was sold to Mark and Misty Ray.. The Sabrina Ray case,my kids are now in a world wide news story.
Please help me to change laws,be heard and get justice for my children and i. I now have two boys who was never taken nor a case opened up on,my 11 yr old was born 8 months after their lie.

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