In Los Angeles County Probate Courts and the administration they appoint are all "in the box" working together , leaving the true heirs and family members into an empty house, a vacant lot and sold off to one another for pennies paying pebbles for other peoples property and land.all in the name of the judges and court clerks that sit next to them assessors and clergy know all too well what is happening and everyone within the los angeles county probate system is stealing from the public, all methodically choreographed to avoid future property taxes and all prop 13 transfer costs , everyone within this system is totally eluding any wrongdoing by the courts approval and witness, curbing the law to fit their ideas and lining the pockets to one another in real estate that never belonged to them in the first place. driving up lawyer cost and unnecessary fees and cost against the peoples estates that ultimately get depleted by the court system. there is no fairness and the state appointed conservators, the lawyers involved and their fiduciaries that take over, than transfer the assets to themselves and deplete the accounts to pay themselves this is not fair or given a fair chance to preserve what people work hard for all their lives . ( my probate sham lawyer told me) did i really think when someone dies the court upholds to their wills or declarations or ever even intends to mind what the deads wishes even were, im mistaken and all that doesnt matter when people die according to the courts concern. how can you people who have control over the law and direction towards a better life representing your people , the general public stand by and let only a handful of people within the los angeles county probate arena all get rich and shuffle funds into made up foundations and non profit entities that all funnel into one place and its not yours or mine. they are all getting rich , and almost too full of money and property from the death of people they dont even know, or deem them incompetent and mentally ill , condemn them to state facilities, old folks homes preventing even family members to visit or contact them , then proceed to use the courts and lawyers to steal all the money and property . extortion , elder abuse and unfair justice to the general public who are now victims of theft on such a large scale , no one does anything about because we are under the threat of the court system no ones has any say whats to happen except the support and decision at the los angeles county stanley mosk courthouse . please take in what im pleading you investigate and correct the system if your findings are what i am telling you is happening