Preserve the First Amendment from Attack by the OIC!

The Istanbul Process attaches civil & criminal liability to critics of Islam if Muslim riots are blamed on the criticism.

The Istanbul Process conference Dec. 12-14, 2011, was intended to create an enforcement mechanism for HRC Res. 16/18.

The new enforcement model is based on the concept of "consequences": authors of "Islamophobic" utterances & actions would be subject to civil & criminal prosecution for "damages" resulting from the unrelated actions of third parties.

had this new paradigm been in place one year ago, Pastors Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp could be dragged into court for the trial & burning of a Qur'an, based on subsequent riots in Pakistan.

Those riots resulted from incendiary sermons at Jumah Salat, not from the Qur'an burning. Under this new model, everyone who speaks, writes or blogs about issues related to Islam could be persecuted based on the independent acts of inimical persons in foreign lands.

The intended effect is to compel self-censorship, effectively erecting a heckler's veto. Inoffensive speech needs no protection. Speech related to matters of life and death, such as the fact that Islamic terror attacks result from Islamic doctrines enshrined in the Qur'an & exemplified in the hadith, requires protection.

For example OIC Islamophobia Reports have have condemned the Motoons, Fitna, books, blog posts. campaign advertisements and national security hearings chaired by Representative Peter King.

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For Liberty's sake, we direct you to introduce, sponsor, vote for, enact and enforce legislation to preserve our precious right of free speech by preventing the implementation of the Istanbul Process recommendation and terminating State Department participation in the process.

In the event that effective action is not taken to prevent implementation of the "consequence" based model, I will, in the next election cycle, vote for someone who will promise to take effective action.