Prayer Back in School

I am asking you to allow prayer back in public schools. Prayer was taken out of schools in response to the rights of some, but not all citizens. Many were not even aware it was being removed. It is fair to say that some do NOT believe in prayer, however, many citizens DO.

I understand that books and curriculum about the LGBTQ community will be taught in 4 states during the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, again, to support the rights of “some.” Then, what of the rights of those who do not support the LGBTQ community, or even denounce it? What of those who do not believe in Halloween or the message it sends, including the costumes? Understandably, everyone’s rights are to be considered.

In 1962, it was deemed unconstitutional to have school-mandated prayer in public schools; but I’m still baffled why it says it’s unconstitutional for Teachers to pray while in school in their capacity. When did their rights end? In order to satisfy the rights of both groups, I feel it’s imperative to allow those who believe and feel the necessity of prayer, be allowed to do so, collectively (students and teachers) and/or individually, without prejudice and with an allotted period of time at the beginning of each day.

I ask that you and other government officials legalize an allotted time for teachers and students to pray, and respectfully abide by OUR belief in prayer for ourselves and our children. This is extremely important to many, and this right should be acted upon quickly and firmly, as is other matters of urgency to people of faith.

I appreciate your support and ask that you please let me know if there is anything else I, or others, can do to help expedite this action.

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