POLST in Every State with the Right to Choose Physician Aid in Dying

The right to choose end of life care honored as matter of privacy and upheld by the constitution.

Please support Physician Orders of Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) Legislation in each state, to include aid in dying for the terminally ill patient. The right of citizens to choose their end of life care is an integral part of bioethics. The right to privacy without big government is a fundamental component of the constitution.

A terminally ill patient should be afforded the autonomy to participate in decisions related to their health care. Patients experience less fear and anxiety when they are able to speak candidly with their physician and family about their care preferences. POLST forms should be honored in every state. To demonstrate commitment to POLST, Legislators should support Federal Bill H.R. 1589, Personalize Your Care Act of 2011. This bill requests social Medicare and Medicaid coverage of voluntary advance care planning.