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HR 3012 - Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act passed the US House of Representatives with overwhelming bipartisan support - 389-15 votes on Nov 29th. This Bill contains the specific technical fix which eliminates per-country limits

Dear Senator,

I am writing to you to request you for your support for H.R. 3012 - Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act.

This bill passed the US House of Representatives on Nov 29th with 96% support (Final vote tally was 389-15) and is now pending action in the Senate. The vote was a bi-partisan expression of support for an issue that is long overdue and needs congressional action immediately.

The bill does not increase the number of immigrants in the United States. It only creates a technical fix by making the system first-come first-serve. Currently, the system allocates green cards each year by limiting green card numbers on a per-country basis. This causes individuals from two different countries to wait at different times even when they have same type of job and same qualifications. Employment based immigration was designed and created in order to facilitate employers who want to be competitive in a global economy and recruit foreign workers when no US citizens are willing, qualified or available to fill certain positions. The goals of employment based immigration are purely economical. On the other hand, the per-country quota aims to establish and preserve diversity. And therefore the per-country quota makes sense for family based immigration. However, for employment based immigration, the system must work in a first-come first-serve basis.

I would like to bring the following facts to your attention regarding H.R 3012:

1. This bill does NOT increase the number of immigrants allowed in the United States. Employment-based immigration will continue to have the same annual numerical ceiling.

2. This bill eliminates an archaic provision of the current employment-based immigration law that discriminates the amount of time an employment based green card applicant needs to wait based on his/her country of birth.

3. This bill will have no impact on the diversity of the immigrant pool (much less the diversity of the population of United States) because it only impacts a small percentage of the total immigrant pool entering United States.

4. This bill is a product of patriotic minds on both sides of the aisle working together to produce small, beneficial results for the US economy. It has passed the House of Representatives with a 96% approval - a rare feat in today's times.

I request you to support H.R. 3012 with your honorable colleagues from both sides of the aisle. I am conscious of how deeply contentious any immigration policy decision can be for elected officials. Years of partisanship and division over the issue have proven how difficult it is to resolve these issues. However, what you have in front of you is a bill that puts aside all contentious aspects of immigration, and focuses purely on the singular aspect that every United States citizen agrees with - Attract the best and brightest in the world to its shores, just as it always has, irrespective of their country of birth.

Thank You.

Member Immigrationvoice

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May 25th, 2019
Someone from Houston, TX writes:
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May 18th, 2019
Someone from Houston, TX writes:
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More immigrant schemes: [1. Asian doctor arrested on drug trafficking charges in California.] [2. Asians arrested in $17 million drug bust.] [3. Asian arrested in $4 million Medicare fraud scam involving optometry.] [4. Asian among those arrested in prison rehab scam in Connecticut.] [5. Asians arrested in fraud and identity theft ring in California.] [6. Asian doctor jailed in $850K Medicare fraud case.] [7. Asian arrested in ticket scam in florida.]
Nov 20th, 2018
Someone from Houston, TX writes:
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More immigrant schemes: [1. Indian arrested for contractor scam in florida.] [2. Indian sentenced on drug trafficking charges.] [3. Indian indicted on human trafficking charges.] [4. Indian arrested on lottery fraud charges.]
Jan 3rd, 2018
Someone from san jose, CA signed.
Jan 2nd, 2018
Someone from Troy, MI signed.
Jan 1st, 2018
Someone from Farmington, MI signed.
Dec 27th, 2017
Vinayak S. from Sammamish, WA signed.
Nov 24th, 2017
Someone from Choctaw, OK signed.
Sep 30th, 2017
DIA R. from Minneapolis, MN signed.
Aug 31st, 2017
Someone from New York, NY writes:
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Don't blame our country for laws and rights. We follow all the laws and have all the rights. We have no issues with our laws. If you are genuine, there is no nepotism, favoritism or corruption in this country.................................................. Get this straight in your heads. Now lets see who is not following the laws. Here are list of few fraud cases can't list all, as this is endless list. When we created these rules, we didn't consider how people will use the loopholes and take advantage of our system. America is a LAND of LAWS.................................................... Now lets talk about why American's are losing their jobs and rights of immigrants............................... 1. Indian managers are inefficient, they don't know how to negotiate, have no management skills, have no knowledge of processes or project management, don't know how to deliver the projects within the budget (i.e. 35-40 work hour week). The only way they can manage the projects is ask the people to work till midnight, work over the weekends, ask them to work like slaves. American's knows "they have only one life", they know what they want in life, they refuse to work on these terms, so they are let go, as these Indian managers know there is pool of cheap indentured H1B immigrants available in the market. So they replace Americans with these cleap indentured workers. SLAVERY OF INDIANS BY INDIANS. Get the correct knowledge and courage to keep your rights before complaining about Americans. ............................................................... Now the question is......... Why do you accept slavery. Why don't you refuse to work more than 40 hours, this is labor law. Follow the laws, there are no issues. Are you afraid to loose your jobs, American's are losing their jobs too, but they don't accept slavery. Why don't you create a petition to all the H1B immigrants to send a letter to your employer No working more than 40 hours. Ask for overtime pay. Ask for salary you deserve. Laws and rights are there you have to know how to respect yourself. If you don't respect yourself, why anyone else will respect you. Employers are taking care of their benefits you take care of your rights. Don't be beggars, if you think you have the skills be the leaders. Only one life, living a life of respect is much better than living a life of uncertainty and slavery .................... ............................................................ 2. Another issue with working cheap and as slaves. Companies budget their spending on money, not on number of headcounts. If they can afford 4-5 Americans on $1M budget. They can afford 15-20 H1bs on same budget. They are ready to work overtime and over the weekends. So company gets more work hours within the same budget. This is causing 4-5 times more number of visas. Which is your problem. Take care of your problems, all the laws and rules are there. This is not an immigrant visa, this is work visa. Even if you get immigration, your work problems will still remain with you. American's don't hire based on skin color, but you do. You surround yourself with people from your country, hometowns or who speak your language. There are no problems in our System, the problem is within you, probably the way you are raised. No one is taking advantage of you, you are asking employers to take advantage of you. Respect yourself, only then others will respect you.

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