Please support HR 1203

Use of Pre-Tax Annuities for FEHBP Premiums

H.R. 1203, would allow federal and postal retirees to use pre-tax

dollars to pay their Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) insurance premiums, much like active federal and postal employees have the option of doing.

Currently, federal retirees pay for their share of FEHBP premiums with after-tax funds from their annuities. Before they retire, however, postal and federal employees (and many private sector

employees) can take advantage of ?premium conversion.? Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code allows them to pay for their health insurance with pre-tax dollars. Once the federal or

postal employee retirees, they lose this benefit. HR 1203 would change

this situation so that retired postal and federal employees would have the same opportunity as those on the active duty rolls.

I ask that you support HR 1203 now...