Please Support Executive Clemency for federal prisoner Leonard Peltier!

Because...."InJustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere!"

Through 6 former Presidents and President Obama's 1st term in Office, Millions of Individuals world-wide (including Judges, Attorneys, Statesmen & Dignitaries) have rallied in support of Clemency for Wrongly Incarcerated Native American Human Rights/Environmental Rights Activist Leonard Peltier. I am a long time supporter of Leonard's. We are asking that you make a pledge in support of Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier ID #89637-132, in writing, to President Obama with a copy to Representative John Lewis of Georgia who has an on-going Campaign for Executive Clemency.

Attached is the National Congress of American Indians? (NCAI) 2011 Resolution for Clemency which gives very concise information.

I will tell you true, Leonard is a sick man who is getting older and sicker; given his poor medical treatment throughout his lengthily Incarceration?his very life may depend on your right action; his life certainly is in the hands of President Obama!

My sincere Appreciation to You. In Peace.