Please stop dumping of foreign steel

Save American jobs and protect a core American Industry

Many countries protect their steel industries with trade protection and subsidies. Not the United States. This country saved the banking industry and the automotive industry with subsidies and loans. Why not steel? China, Taiwan, and South Korea have an overcapacity in steel production which their local economies cannot absorb so they are resorting to exporting steel to the United States at artificially low prices. Do you not believe that this is unfair and is destroying the steel manufacturing industry in this country? We are talking about United States citizens being laid off because we allow foreign countries to sell steel here at prices close to or lower than what it costs them to manufacture it. European countries impose checks on steel imports from China. Why don?t we impose tough tariffs to prevent dumping? USS Granite City Works announced that they will ?temporarily? shut down 100% on May 28th with no indication of when they might fire up again. These are good paying jobs that are being lost because of cheap foreign steel. That?s 2000+ American jobs at Granite City alone.
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