Please stop CPS lies and corruption! Child services needs to be held accountable for the lives they ruin.

You can easily find several pages on facebook or online vowing to fight CPS or whatever your state calls it, but nobody ever does. I don't know why we let these people get away with this sort of thing, they are ripping our kids from, ripping our families apart and we are just standing by and doing nothing, because either we don't believe it, don't want to believe it or its not happening to us so it's not our problem. That needs to stop. Child Protective Services do any BUT protect children. They lie to families, they lie to children, they keep families apart and they ruin lives. This just happened to us and we don't want it to happen to anybody else. My oldest daughter made false allegations out of anger and had the entire family ripped apart. She realised what she did she told the truth. She told several people the truth including teachers and school principle, the original foster mom, the case workers and friends. The Caseworkers ignored her, kept her from us, told us we would lose them all if we talked about it, told my others they would never see her again if they asked her about it again and was given money and taken on shopping sprees. On the 16th of June we had our final court day and found out that they knew the entire time she wasn't telling the truth and that I was innocent, that's why they allowed the others to come home, because I had done nothing wrong, but they refused to give us our Jackie. Thay day we were told either give up on Jackie or they open a case on the rest of the kids again and the state takes jurisdiction of them again ans we lose them. We got scared for them and were intimidated out the fight. I hate myself for allowing that to happen, but I couldn't risk the rest. These people need to be stopped, the rules they use need to change. It's too late for us, but I am asking for help in preventing others from going through it. Please sign our petition and pass it on, even if you don't care, because you could be saving another family from the same terrible fate. I want everybody to know, this is NOT meant to keep kids in homes of an actual abuser, whether they are man or woman sexual or physical. If you are abusing yours or anybody else's children then you deserve to lose them and go to prison. But the rest of us do not deserve it. Please sign and share this.

I am also placing links to videos and articles of the corruption and investigations around the country. ( This girls story is very interesting ) ( Listen to this former CPS worker )

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