Please Make Microchips VOLUNTARY and NOT MANDATORY

There are issues with biological RFID chips that are still unresolved and there are obvious dangers with these chips.

We are demanding that the implementation and implantation of biological microchips be VOLUNTARY and only VOLUNTARY for a multitude of reasons. Many groups including the American Medical Association's Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs -- based on their claims and testimonies, are demanding that if these chips cannot be banned, that implantation be VOLUNTARY and NOT FORCED onto someone without their prior written consent. For HUMANE, FUNDAMENTAL, CONSTITUTIONAL, HEALTH, PRIVACY, LEGAL and especially RELIGIOUS reasons, people should be given the option not to have chip implanted!!!

The fact that most chips are unencrypted, there are highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Because of a lack of encryption, any information obtained by the chip can and will likely be stolen and compromised. ( The Food and Drug Administration reported in a letter dated October 12, 2004, that electric hazards, MRI incompatibility and adverse tissue reaction are among some of the health and bodily risks with microchips. ( According to another FDA report, any conductive metal implant may induce electrical currents, which can also cause severe burn injuries. ( A report from the American Medical Association's Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs alleges that such chip implants could compromise privacy and there's no assurance that a person's information can be protected. ( Any use of microchips is extremely inhumane and unconstitutional. They violate every amendment of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. ( They also violate several articles in the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( and the Geneva Conventions. ( For ages, many believed that the biological microchip is rendered "The Mark of the Beast", and/or the number "666". (, He or she who wears this becomes a part of the biblical ANTI-CHRIST. This is where our Constitutional rights are also in danger, because it will prohibit millions of people from practicing religion. And it is not just Christians, in Orthodoxy, Judaism, Reform Judaism and Islam, the microchip is also criticized and forbidden by belief. (,,, We have the right to practice religion and microchips will only rob us of that right as the various scriptures have stressed. After all, America is suppose to be "one nation under God"!!! We urge all lawmakers to restrict microchip implantation and make it only voluntary. We also ask that any implantation without prior knowledge and written consent be strictly prohibited. We demanded that our rights and our privacy be protected and our right to religion be respected at all times!!! Our concerns are uniquely legitimate and explicitly serious!!! Please do the moral right thing, and leave our religious rights alone!!!