Please Investigate the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office of Florida and Emplace a Seperate Internal Affairs and Civilian Reeview Panel

The Jacksonville Sheriffs Office has adopted a shoot to kill policy, that not even our very own Purple Forces such as ARSOF,AFSOF,NAVSOF operating far behind enemy lines can employ in a war zone. While JSO does not necessarily operate behind enemy lines in a warzone, they seem to have adopted a new core value of "I shoot to kill" "I shoot the un-armed" "I am JSO" "and you cant stop me because we investigate our own". Numerous deaths of un-armed victims have been reported and the Regulation and Training Commission has not intervened to a substantial degree. Topics in local newspaper Folio Weekly have led to the discussion and request of a civilian review panel to regulate these "Wild Wild West" court related entities. Under the impression that the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office operates under "title 14" and Federal Entities under "title 18", somehow there seems to be a new and momentous title, regulation and commission that they operate by.

Hereby we respectfully request a separate investigative unit and a civilian review board for such matters.