Please help end NPD abuse & stop the corruption in our family courts!

To Whom It May Concern:

I'm a single mother who's been wrongfully accused of child abuse for the past 3 years, and I've just started to learn that this is a common tactic that abusers with Narcissistic Personality Disorders utilize. I've been abused by my ex to a severe level, all mentally, emotionally, psychologically, physically & financially. I decided to leave him in March 2023 this year because I could see he was getting worse & not changing. He had a rough life, but he acknowledged that and still refused to seek mental health or substance abuse treatment. The 2 combined have only caused him to become worse, not to mention his mother who aids & protects him in all of this. I had filed against him before a few times thinking this was it with him. I filed a last DVRO in April when he again was abusing me but this time it was witnessed. He was arrested & put in jail, but the DA dropped the case without telling me why.
We were supposed to have a hearing in May & when I saw him there, I began to have a severe attack to the point I had to step out for a few mins. When I came back they said they called & dismissed my case and said Id have to re-file since I couldnt reschedule the hearing. I did that, but because I didn't follow thru on previous filings & would threaten me to remove them, the judge took it as me using these things as a tool against him. This wasn't true at all & I tried explaining the abusive manipulative things he would do each time I wanted to leave him.
However, the judge, Kristi Kirk of the Southwest Justice Center Superior Courts in Murrieta CA, denied my child & I protection. A few days later my ex filed one against me by blatantly lying & adding false information because he knew it'd be granted if he made it horrific. Due to his serious allegations, when the sheriffs came to serve me they also threatened that if I didnt give my child to my ex as part of the orders, theyd arrest me. I didn't want to be arrested so I reluctantly complied. I was granted only supervised visitation for 2-4 hrs a week that I pay for, but my ex knew I wouldnt be able to because he caused me to lose 3 different jobs from May 2022-Mar 2023. My aunt is a foster parent & was offering to supervise visits at no charge just so I could see our baby, Judge Kirk denied that too even knowing I had no money to pay & see her.
There's were multiple discrepancies in his petition which I pointed out & he admitted to being the one arrested & charged with felony DV assault against me in Dec 2022. His criminal history included assault on an officer & a DUI in the past. Again, she ignored the judicial notices I asked the courts to take. I filed multiple pages of evidence & exhibits, and even brought 2 witnesses to corroborate their accounts of his abuse inflicted on me, and she still granted him full custody with a 5 yr RO against me. She refused to look at any of my evidence, and kept denying every single motion or document I filed. He began breaking his own RO by texting me abusive & death threats while saying he was taking our child away so I never see her again. All of this took place in the middle of the case, and my Ex Partes for those issues were also denied.
I'm already stuck in another pending criminal case, which I'm still fighting because my ex was ALSO the same accusing party in that too. He said in 2021 that I duct taped my oldest daughter when I never did, and because he gave them his tape they took it as serious. He'd had the tape there in his home long before we ever moved in, and not only that the evidence wasn't sufficient nor were the pictures of her "injuries" consistent with being taped or tortured. Later on my ex even wrote a glowing letter on my behalf, stating he was angry that day and said I'd never do anything like that to any child. He even added that I was a better mother to his 2 kids than their own mothers were. However, when in court for our baby, he completely flipped the script and lied about saying or writing those things. A 730 investigation was done by CPS in which my ex stated he never had any DV relationships nor uses drugs & alcohol. I again pointed out that he just filed an RO against his previous ex in Feb 2023 because she "made him mad." He's had a few ROs against him not only by me but both exes of his too. He also tested dirty for CPS and was positive for both drugs AND alcohol, yet my daughter remained with him.
I've asked for a Peremptory challenge and a Recusal, both denied. I cited family code 3044 in CA that states no parent CONVICTED of ANY DV in the last 5 yrs, shall be granted full nor joint custody. Only in certain circumstances can it be done, only if they show they've successfully completed probation, DV & parenting classes, stayed sober, in therapy, etc. All of which he did NOT have, and on the other hand, I had voluntarily already completed all of these things the year prior in 2022. The reason I did them is because I wanted to get ahead on my other case I'm fighting with my older child, to show that I was changing my lifestyle from being deeply depressed & on drugs, to now being a safe stable parent. Both my ex & I were on drugs in 2021 for a brief moment of approx 5 months, but I stopped & he did not. I was honest & let the police test me, he did not & lied about his use to them and CPS.
I've contacted the police each time he threatens me via voicemail or text or social media, and they don't do anything because the judge's husband Tom Kirk, works for the Riverside County Sheriffs Dept. My ex had even divulged to my witnesses that he knew the judge outside of court, and I believed it due to their demeanor towards each other while at the hearings. She would thoroughly listen to him, and allow him to provide his evidence without issues or denials. When I'd ask to speak or answer to a statement or assumpton made by the judge or my ex, she denied me the right to speak up and stand up for myself. The judge went off record multiple times to give him advice & direct him on what to do, and it struck me as odd that he felt so calm & comfortable the entire time when I presented overwhelming evidence & exhibits, witness statements, and audio/video recordings of his abuse. When it came to questioning each side, he said he didn't have any questions or any evidence to support the claims further nor dispute the evidence I submitted. It was as if the decision had been made from Day 1. I also walked up couple times to wait in the hall for court & I saw my ex talking to 1 attorney who didn't even represent him and then another court clerk I'd never seen before. When he saw me though, they moved away from each other and stopped talking.

These behaviors indicate corruption, because it's unethical & heinous that a convicted violent felon who's still testing positive for drugs and alcohol, has custody of our child. All of his actions were done in revenge forme deciding to leave him after I found out he was still using drugs & alcohol. Again cheating but this time paying prostitutes in person instead of online. His behaviors got more abusive after he walked out of our couples therapy session yelling that I'm lying, just a few weeks prior to me leaving. I started crying to the therapist and telling her everything that I was being subjected to and he got more abusive. Therefore, my "punishment" was him taking our child because he knew that's the only way he could really tear me apart. All of this because I didn't want to stay in an abusive relationship where he cheated & mistreated us. Please help me end this, as a single mother without a vehicle to get around or to work/hearings, no money for attorneys, not even to visit my child, this has to end because it happens all too often especially when money's involved. The judge Kristi Kirk didn't have my child's best interest in mind, she only was doing a favor for the connection my ex and her shared, which is still unclear but pending investigation.