Please give EAD for I-140 approved.

to freely work to our full potential without being tied to same employer for Years

Dear Sir/Madam,

Way back in early 90?s when the H1B rules were formed, they would have looked at the existing visa processes and GC time lines to implement the best fair rules as per those times. Back then by the time someone will file for I-140, there GC would come in months not years. Then it might have made sense to have rules that you need to stick to the same employer during that period so that by the time your GC comes, It is easy to track who started your Green card process and makes it easy for administrative purposes for USCIS. Now after many years because of the backlogs in country Quota system of Green Cards, these rules are chocking the system and the life of hard working talented people, who?s have the same dreams and aspirations to do good work, and contribute to the land of opportunity. Most of them have kids now who are very much American citizens. These kids go to good public schools showing good potential to be even more productive part of their homeland ( USA) .

These kids have no idea that their hard working parents, who tirelessly work hard, pay taxes, contribute to the American economy by virtue their education and high skills are so vulnerable to the old rules of EAD, that these American kids future is hanging by the thread. Every kid needs a secure environment, which these H1B visa dependent parents are trying their level best to provide.

I really request you to provide EAD to all I-140 approved people, who have been in country for so long, giving their youth and skills to build this country and help keeping it ahead of rest of the world should be given a fair right to live and contribute to society without the shackles of bonded labor like rules.



Atlanta GA

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