Please end this victimization of innocent law-abiding citizens

A long term Restraining or Protection Order severely disrupts the restrained person's life for many years; it separates him from his children, limits his constitutional rights and freedoms, damages his dignity and reputation, embarrasses him among his family, friends, and colleagues, devastates him emotionally, and potentially harming him financially by limiting his ability to generate an income. Some of the consequences, such as separation from children and financial damages will continue to negatively influence the person's life for years after the original order expires.

Yet, the courts are increasingly issuing these orders solely based on allegations alone. On the surface, most states have some 'burden of proof' requirement. However, the standards for satisfying this burden are ridiculously low. Furthermore, the judges have a lot of discretionary power in determining whether and how this burden is met. When faced with an accuser who acts like an innocent victim convincingly enough, and fabricates horrifying allegations imaginatively enough, the judges prefer to err on the side of safety and grant these long-term orders. To do so, they have to use their discretionary power to consider the 'burden of proof' satisfied when in fact no evidence other than the accuser?s testimony exists.

The VAWA legislature has in effect become a tool for vengeful and evil women who have learned how to abuse it and other domestic violence laws to accomplish their self-serving personal agenda such as gaining an advantage over a current or former spouse in a divorce or child custody case. As a result, the lives of thousands of men across the country who have always lived as hard-working, honest, law-abiding, family-oriented citizens with absolutely no criminal history are being ruined every year. This system is rewarding lies and deceptions and punishing honest and innocent individuals.

This shameful and unjust situation should not be allowed to continue. Please put an end to it by passing legislature that requires the states to place more safeguards for preventing victimization of innocent men and facilitating the appeal process for those who have already been victimized.