Need to save all the animals on this states being killed for no other valad reasons other then to make more room to kill more.

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I am tired of seeing all the abuse to all animals being slain, shot, drowned, gassed chambers, skinned, attacked deliberately by other dogs, beaten, even by shelter people, going to be killed asking to be saved and pleading to be saved.<br />
Why cant we legalize weed (I don't do it and I would take a test) but the lottery, weed, alcohol, cigarettes, bingo, and casinos. You can take 10% to 15% off the top of the wins every night and buy land to help these animals. Instead of killing the ones not getting accepted give them a month or two maybe someone will. In the mean time the German Shepard's, Labs, and Pit Bulls may even become therapy dogs, police dogs, military dogs, Fire mascots. They are good working dogs. You do not even need to kill each and every one of these poor animals make sure they are nurtured and spayed. Start fining people that do not do this to their animals you will get money back for the states.<br />
Tell Bill de Bianco the mayor of the Burros in New York. Last time I did this I had over 20,000 signatures. This time I am sure I will be able to get double plus. Please help!!!!

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Dec 4th, 2016
Someone from Brandon, SD signed.
Nov 18th, 2016
Luana O. from Milwaukee, WI writes:
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I am not going after only after the NYCACC Shelters in the Burros of NYC. But all the high kill shelters in the United States. There can be used 10 to 15% of money from extra things I mentioned above can be used above to buy land for Sanctuaries and training for animals to learn to military, police, service training, therapy dogs, and mascots. Take pride in your Country and Stop Killing Animals!~!!!
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