Please act now on gun violence

Dear President Joe Biden / senate and congress ,
We are deeply concerned about gun violence. As a proud American citizen we implore you to address this epidemic plaguing our nation and destroying our communities.
There has been so many mass shootings in national history have happened in the pass and continue to happen, Congressional inaction is not only a national shame, it is a threat to our safety, the safety of our beautiful children, and the wellbeing of our communities. Gun violence is a public health issue and it is taking an unacceptable toll on our society. You must act now. No more time must be wasted.
We need you to take action to ensure that:
• Every person who buys a gun pass a background check. No longer should we allow for loopholes, such as the “gun show loophole,” or the “boyfriend loophole,” or other gaps. We need to require universal background checks on all gun purchases.
• High-capacity weapons and ammunition magazines should not be available to civilians. There is no legitimate self-defense or sporting purpose for these military-style, high-capacity weapons and magazines whose only purpose is to kill large numbers of people in a short amount of time. We need an effective assault weapons ban now.
• Gun trafficking become a federal offense. Gun trafficking fuels the flow of guns nationally and internationally, and is a major contributing cause to extreme gun violence like that in Chicago, New York, and elsewhere.
Whether it is a mass shooting in Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, South Carolina, or California, Texas; or the day-to-day gun violence in metropolitan areas like Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York; or the suicide that daily plagues rural and urban communities alike, our hearts are filled with rage and sorrow for the loss of life and the trauma it brings.
We need you to take action to quell the terrible epidemic of gun violence our society is suffering. We look forward to working with you to enact these common-sense measures to reduce gun violence. Our prayers are with you, our support is behind you.
We are asking you to lead.

Jessica Feliciano