Pinal County Sheriff ABUSE OF POWER

An arizona mother has been made a target for exposing the Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb & what we call his thugs, these men abusing power using their badges. This mother has been through the ringer. This cover up is extreme. The allegations of child trafficking, dangerous crimes against children, exploitation, abuse of power, the list goes on. they’ve gone as far to extort this mother. I came across this story & tried reaching out to her. She is afraid these men will kill her. When is the Government in Arizona going to step in before she is dead. Two officers have been removed from the dept we are hearing. Her very own children targeted. When making the reports asking why one of their deputies was attacking her the dept covered for him. This deputy has a known porn history as well as a racist file mocking children in the dept on a sheriff computer. The dept turned a blind eye to.
This dept is known to the rest of arizona as a good ol boy system and That’s just what this mother has been caught in. A group of bullies including mark lamb. Throwing her in jail on false malicious charges abusing their power to silence her is pretty sad.
I have followed this story. I am proud of this mother she has not given up hope for justice she has also made a statement prior to being silenced. “the charges created since this began are called sacrifices in order to save children. I have no record prior to this happening. It’s been made clear I am receiving retaliation!”
She uncovered a national trafficking ring is what’s being said to come out of this. Congress, help this mother in Arizona. She’s a hero. She fought back against evil men abusing their positions. She is also a blue supporter. She is not a criminal with a badge supporter. Help in Arizona CONGRESS!

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