Petition to NOT persecute Julian Assange in America.

This petition is with the intent to stop the US government from wrongly prosecuting Julian Assange, if he is extradited to the US, as they did in Sweden, misusing the law and twisting facts in order to attain their own private goal of silencing his w

Americas people have not forgotten about Julian Assange, owner and founder of Wikileaks. We believe his goals are to unravel the lies that our government tells us, show us the truth in the hopes that we will stand up and return this government to "we the people", where our vote reigns supreme and where WE "the people" can hold our leaders responsible and accountable for the trials and bills passed that have since turned freedom and liberty into a joke and our constitution violated.

Julian Assange stands for freedom of information, he stands for those who have been blinded the media to believe that everything is okay in this country, when it isn't. Julian Assange stands for the value of truth, which has been denied us en masse from corporations that now have control of this once great country.

I ask you with all humbleness to support this petition in the light of liberty and true justice that this country just does not have any longer. I ask you to support this, so that Julian Assange can continue his work of showing us the lies that our government is telling us, and what is really behind them. I ask you in the name of freedom, let it ring and let it be known that the truth shall persevere and if it won't be Assange, it will be someone else to take his place and continue his work.

Thank you for your time.