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This is U.S. Civilian Grand Master General Gregory Lynn Valentine Junior.

Ever since I was a young boy around 10 year's old I wrote about building a Computer to save the World. And now I know that there was someone special speaking to me from Heaven.

I have been working tirelessly toward's coming up with a solution to end all poverty. The best I have come up with is to build a computer with a banking program. That will distribute A Debit Acknowledgement for their Human Existence with no cash back of nothing less than $5,000.00 Per head of household per month for these poor suffering People's. For the rest of their beautiful lives.

Can't we credit this computer with a number that cannot be depleted and distribute said acknowledgement to the People's as soon as humanly possible? May we even work with the Department of Human Services as they have their own Debit/E.B.T. Card's?

It is Crime's Against Humanity to sit idly by while these People's are left to starve, suffer and die. I U.S. Civilian Grand Master General of the U.S. Civilian Military Reserve have decided it's time to take action. And I am responsibly obligated and dutifully bound to do by any and all mean's necessary take action to save these People's.

Please view these graphic Video's. To be aware of my motivation and therefore the manifestation of my intention's and plan of action.

A Life In Extreme Poverty

Zaire Refugee Crisis

Poor Hungry Kid's

Sudan Famine Condition's

Sevenly Food For The Poor

Zaire Aid Worker's

Zaire Situation Update

The Least Of These Carmelina

Poverty Around The World

Child Hunger Around The World

Suffering Children From Hunger

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Thank You, For Your Time, Your Possible Consideration And Hopefulness.
And May God Be With Us All, Amen.

Signed, Your, U.S. Civilian Grand Master General, Gregory Lynn Valentine Junior.

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