Petition to Bring Alassane Ouattara to justice for Genocide in Ivory Coast

lassane Ouattara should not get away with genocide. Help us bring him to justice to respond for his crimes

Petition to Bring Alassane Ouattara to justice for Genocide in Ivory Coast

We demand that members of the United State Congress, end the support of the US government to Mr Alassane Ouattara, the ruler of Ivory Coast, and hold him accountable for Genocide in Western and southern Ivory Coast against the We and the Godie people.

We petition you to hold Alassane Ouattara, Head of State of Cote D?Ivoire, and fomer Rebel Leader Guillaume Soro, currently President of the National Assembly of Cote D?Ivoire, responsible for Genocide and Crime against humanity in Cote D?Ivoire, and to end the US support to their tyrannical regime.

During post-electoral crisis, rebel forces loyal to Alassane Ouattara massacred thousands of Ivorians on the basis of their ethnic origin and presumed political affiliation. Entire populations of villages such as Guitrozon, Petit Duekoue in the West and Adebem in the South-West were visited by Ouattara forces and their populations were massacred in cold blood.

Because of they are emboldened by the support of from France and the US, Ouattara?s rebel army, re-baptized, FRCI, continued their oppressive and repressive activities through torture as evidenced by several recent reports of Amnesty International, the US State department Human rights report and many other human rights reports.

The US Congress must act for the sake of justice and to end the repression and oppression of the people of Ivory Coast by the brutal regime of Alassane Ouattara in Ivory Coast.