Petition North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge to Resign Immediately

Even if the Congressman doesn't get charged and convicted of assault, he should at least step down.

U.S. Representative Bob Etheridge, of the 2nd District of North Carolina should resign immediately. His actions certainly do not reflect the expected behavior of a 7-term U.S. Congressman and a simple apology does not cover the damage which he has done. A Congressman is obligated by a Code of Ethics which requires that he "adheres to the highest moral principles" which obviously does not include assault. Formal charges may, and should, be brought up against Congressman Etheridge for violating this code if he does not step down. (Let alone the criminal charges that should also be pending.)

The Congressman himself has made these statements:

"The first order of business in the 110th Congress has been to restore honesty and integrity to the U.S. House of Representatives."

"I have always believed that public office is a public trust, and I work every day to live up to the trust the people of North Carolina's Second Congressional District have placed in me."

If he truly meant what he said, we feel that he should resign immediately.

Unedited video links of the encounter: