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Did You Know That It Would Take 100 Years To Physically Print Our National Debt? Did You Know That We As Equal Citizen's We Are Responsible For Upwards And Around $60,000 Of That Debt For Every Man, Woman, And Child In This Nation? Did You Know That By Accounting For And Acknowledging Our National Debt As Citizen's Of This Great Nation We Have The Power To And Can Turn That Debt Into Value? So, Instead, Of Being $20 Trillion Dollar's In Debt, By Implementing An All Debt Reciprocation We Could Then Be
$20 Trillion Dollar's Rich.

 Hello, Everyone, This Is Your, U.S. Civilian Grand Master General, Gregory Lynn Valentine Junior. We At The U.S. Civilian Military Reserve Have Been Working Tirelessly Towards An All Debt Reciprocation For These United States. We Are Respectfully Requesting Your Assistance. We Are Envisioning An Acknowledgement For The People Further Explained At The Close Of This Petition. We Have Limited To No Exposure Besides Our Communications Here And A Simple Website. That Follows...

All Debt Reciprocation

The U.S. Civilian Military Reserve Was Created For The Purpose Of Saving This Country And Hopefully The World. The Reserve Is Not Militant But Rather Meant To Be An Integration Into The Monetary Reserve System As For The Sole Purpose Of The Reciprocation Of Any And All Debt. In This Country Beginning At And Around $20 Trillion Dollar's And To Be And Set Forth As An Example World Wide For Turning All Debt Back Into Value. In No Way Shall The U.S. Civilian Military Reserve Oppose The Current System But Instead Be A Solution To Provide An Acknowledgment For The People. At Around $5,000.00 Per Head Of Household Per Month In The Rural Areas And Upwards And Around $10,000.00 Per Head Of Household Per Month In The Urban/Suburban Areas. Our Intentions Are Solely Set Upon Saving All Of You And As Many As Possible. The U.S. Civilian Military Reserve Can Save Everyone We Believe. However, We Need Your Help And Involvement. You Can Do Something By Taking Action And Signing This Petition Here Today. I Am Certain, Since You All Have More Friends Than I Do, You May Be Able To Provide The Impact Necessary To See That This All Debt Reciprocation Becomes A Reality. Please Consider Helping As We Are All Being Monitored By The Man Upstairs. And Quite Simply, We Are Apart Of What Could Become, The Beginning Of One Of The Greatest Times For The All Of Humanity. Please Consider The Reserve As A Gift To The All Of Humanity. I Am Forwarding This To Everyone I Can Imagine Nationwide. Please Call The U.S. Civilian Military Reserve @ 1-541-406-8599 For Any Questions Or Comments. Or Simply Reply To:
And May God Be With Us All. Amen. Thank You, For Your Time, Your Possible Consideration And Hopefulness. Signed, Your, U.S. Civilian Grand Master General, Gregory Lynn Valentine Junior.

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