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We, the undersigned, are requesting U.S. Congresspersons, Senators, and other Government employees and appointees to address the issue of ongoing geoengineering and HAARP activity that is taking place without the consent of the population. We are demanding that our government disclose information about such activity. As citizens of the U.S., we expect our government officials to represent us, address our valid concerns, and take action to terminate such environmentally risky programs that are also having a severe impact, both short and long term, on the health of our population.<br />
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The results of rainwater tests, soil sample tests, and standing water tests that have been done in various areas of the U.S. are all showing alarmingly high levels of aluminum, barium, strontium, other harmful substances. The heavy metal test results are consistent with ongoing discussions and existing patents for Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering. These heavy metals remain in our atmosphere and are falling upon our soil, our water supply, and our food supply. We are inhaling heavy metal particulate matter on an ongoing basis, and these nanoparticle-sized metals are being absorbed by our bodies, by those of our pets and livestock, and by our produce. Most notably, it is causing long term air pollution, resulting in severe respiratory diseases in our population, especially among those people most vulnerable.<br />
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The aerosolized metals being sprayed from jet aircraft are having a devastating effect on our trees, gardens, water and farms. Irreversible damage is being done to our ecosystems, and to our soil and water supply. Aluminum, once it enters the ecosystem, can never be removed.<br />
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We acknowledge that the negative effects of geoengineering extend far beyond the environment and the health of all living things. The damage that is occurring will have immeasurable effects on the economy, in the form of lost solar production, damage to crops, lost tourism income, and devalued real estate, among other industries.<br />
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We owe it to the next generation and all future generations to disclose the United States? role in geoengineering and HAARP and to demand that it be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY!

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10 minutes ago
Chris S. from Newport Beach, CA signed.
50 minutes ago
Jeannine S. from Newport Beach, CA writes:
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Our government has gotten to powerful and it went to their heads so we need to end it. WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT STOP FIGHTING UNTIL THE CORRUPTION HAS ENDED
8 hours ago
Someone from Bishop, CA signed.
9 hours ago
Someone from Detroit, MI writes:
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How can people talk to their children about growing up and raising families if they have poisons running through their system from the time of conception until they depend on their mother to give them nutrients and until birth. Please learn to care about us and the environment
11 hours ago
Krista l. from Melbourne, FL writes:
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Please stop the poisioning. It's almost everyday. I see the difference between the chemtrails and the contrails. It is not the water condensation. It is gas chamber USA. Don't forget it's happening everywhere else too!
Oct 21st at 7:13 am
Someone from Gonzales, LA writes:
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Shut it down.
1 day ago
Anita A. from Valley Park, MO writes:
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Straight up - this ecocidal, genocidal madness is the singular most WEAPON of MASS DESTRUCTION mankind and every bird, bee and beast has ever faced. What COWARDS we have representing us who have not guts nor gumption to STOP the most heinous crime ever committed against humanity. These are technically war crimes that I hope someday you all will pay for. And may that day come soon.
1 day ago
Robert W. from Brooklyn, NY writes:
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Stop polluting the air that we breathe with the fallout from geoengineering! Stop manipulating the weather!
2 days ago
Someone from Colorado Springs, CO writes:
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Please stop this poisoning of our children. Aluminum is toxic to the human body.
Oct 18th, 2017
Cathy B. from Gilbert, AZ writes:
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purify the air and purify the water for well being of humanity. I will not approve geoengineering and harp,
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