Perspnal case business

I been in car accident and i am hurt and disabled .and lost my jop and lost ablity to work and i lost my twins sons lost shcool.and lives of.and i file lawsuit and ask my PIP /no-fault.and my abilty .and my case was pending with law court.then the insurances campny neede to pay and ask for depostion.after dipostion date the court schedgel for case Evlvltion .or for case diceid.and befor court shceldege date.the insurances lawyers hird lawyer without my knowledge .and they chenged my maling address to insurance lawyers office.and the defendant attorny .systematclly says plaintiff missed depostio and file motion for summery and dismised my case .and whan i appeal with state court .the same think theydismised.and whan i file to us suptem court .they are not take a case. And my case was dismised by system.i am in pro per self.they are 3 proftional lawyers .i am siks jusitc ! I am insured and the insurance campanys paid both the accident bills for hosptals.and i do not use any of Gov insurancrs
AND THE gov dod not pay any of my accidents case.all covetd by insurancecs campany.and i am lost my in come and lost my job. And becouse of my accidents case my SON.they arisred by false lawsuit and they kill him .in ethiopia addis ababa.this all hapend becouse of my accidents benefits.and every one they abused me a lot .and every one helps for insurance agent and helps for lawyers.for me ever one abused me.and abused my SONS.In ethiooia.and i was have approved petiton from US State Departments and the NVC.was submeted to US Embassy .in october 2016.and the US Embassy was makes interviw and asks for DNA test .and I make here in the USA.and my SONS makes in ethiopia with US Embassy.and the Consuler or US Embassy was recvied.the resulet of DNA.and my SPNS in the USA in 2018.but without any reasn the US EMbassy.was hold for long yrars from 2016 octobr and 2019.hold and i start to bring by citiznes .and i makrs interviw with uscis.and i past my test and the office was toold me your SONS.came fast by ceitznes.the uscis was says .and after 5 or 6 month in december 2019.agen i makes interviw for my SONS cames by citiznes.and after that the US Embassy and athers reltead to insurances campanys agent and lawyers .they was neede me alone without my family .and automatcal and systemtcal they file false lawsuit and aristed my SON and they was bit him every day by 5 prisons and the kill him 3 week a go.
By this accident i lost my SON.and I Lost my ablity.and I am disabled .my SONS was mest be with me.but the insuranc and relted to the agents they are not needed my SONS cames to me .that the why .they was hold.anf atisted and killed.Siks JUSTIC ! WOMEN WITH Disablty and Abused ! Siks JUSTIC. I am 7 years with accidents .and i am without any on come .i needed my Abilty lost and my econmic lost incloded my disablty and my no-fault .and i needs for my SONS Lost.shcool .and i needs for my SON .JUSITC.