Personal tax loss

A petition to get Congress to invoke a bill to help people that lost funds in thier IRA's due to this economy

"I am writing this, in hopes some of you will use this petition to write to your Senators and Representatives in PROTEST."

I am protesting the stimulus packages that the president and the congress have given to businesses who do NOT need it and to the ones who are failing to survive.

Just like many of you, I have lost quite a bit of money on my IRA and investments. And to make matters worse, this might sound familiar to you, I have to pay "taxes" on the funds I took to stop losing the rest.

This is where my grievance starts. Why do we have to pay taxes on what is quite obvious, a loss?

"I feel that we need a stimulus package too."

We should be allowed to use this misfortune and claim it as a tax loss on our federal income taxes. Where is our stimulus package for loss of jobs, homes, transporation and food?

I don't agree that the government should step in and save everyone expecially failing businesses, but they have. The President and his administration have forced stimulus funds to organizaitons that don't want it, and this is the best part, have refused the ones who can pay it back.

I feel the average investor or common person deserves a stimulus package because, most of us have lost a lot. If not, let us claim a "TAX LOSS" on our Federal Income Tax.