People for Congressional Reform

Congress won't reform itself without people pressure.



In accordance with Article I of the Constitution of the United States of America, the undersigned citizens hereby petition Congress to submit to the States for ratification an Amendment to the Constitution to achieve the following results:

1. Term Limits.

1.1. Senators shall serve no more than two consecutive terms.

1.2. Representatives shall serve no more than six consecutive terms.

1.3. No member of Congress shall serve more than twelve consecutive years.

2. Compensation and Benefits.

2.1. The salaries of Senators and Representatives shall not exceed an amount equal to twice the average income of the employed population of the United States.

2.2 Congress shall not be empowered to increase the salaries of its members by an amount greater than three percent per annum.

2.3. The existing Congressional pension system shall be terminated for all members and former members of Congress and their survivors.

2.4. Members of Congress and their survivors shall participate in the federal civil service pension system on the same terms as other federal employees.

2.5. The existing health insurance plan of Congress shall be terminated.

2.6. Members of Congress shall participate in the existing health insurance plan for federal employees on the same terms as those employees.

3. Implementation.

3.1. The provisions of this Amendment and associated enabling legislation shall take effect on a date no later than one hundred eighty days from the date of ratification.