Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act

I am writing to urge you to do all in your power to oppose passage of § 909, also known as "The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act."

Passage of this bill by the U.S. Senate would be reckless and irresponsible not only because of the "chilling effect" it would have on First Amendment-guaranteed rights to free speech, but also because it would provide, for the first time ever, special legal protections for pedophiles and other sexual offenders.

This bill would more appropriately be called "The Pedophile Protection Act."

The evidence for this extraordinary statement comes directly from debate in the House, when a simple amendment to exempt pedophiles from the protections offered by the bill were rejected.

I write to warn you that those who support it, or allow it to become the law of the land without a fight, will be held accountable at election time.

If there was ever a time for the Senate to stand and fight with a filibuster, that time is now. We are calling for members of the Senate, Republicans and Democrats alike, to stop § 909.

Stop "The Pedophile Protection Act" dead in its tracks ? now. If this bill passes, we will remember you in 2010 and your failure to act on behalf of the American people. We urge you to act swiftly.