Parental Rights Do not Exist! let's take our children back the SAME WAY TAKEN FROM US!!

I don't even have to say what this is about. EVERY single person. that even supports this "agency" is as corrupt as they ate. And I have ALOT more words than that to describe domestic terrorist supporters and fund the kidnapping of our newborn children. Enough said. Its only a matter of time before this becomes a Violent Civil, National, Worldwide war when people reach that point of no return. Give us our damn kids back, or we take yours, how bout that? Seems legit right? I think its only fair. Every single social worker mandated liar, third party paid to lie investigators will do a minimum. Of 20/years federal prison and a 500,000$ fine and never get to see their own children again with NO WARNING UNLESS VALID PROOF HAS BEEN BACKED UP WITH , POLYGRAPH, EVUDENCE, AND NOT THE MADE UP EVIDENCE, WHICH WILL BE HANDLED BY SPECIFIC PERSONS WHO PRIVATELY CONDUCT INVESTIGATIONS OF THEIR OWN, ( WHICH IS HOW I FOUND OUT ABOUT MY BABY BEING SOLD BEFORE SHE WAS BORN) ( IM ACTUALLY ONE WHO DOES ALOT OF RESEARCH AND CAN PROVE MY CASE ONE THOUSAND PERCENT) FUNNY HOW US CHILD ABUSERS ARE THE MINORITY, HOWEVER WE ARE A MAJORITY. AND GIVEN THE STATISTICS? WHEN WE ALL COME TOGETHER IT WONT BE PRETTY. ITS GETTING TO BE A LITTLE F$%&- PERSONAL. !!!!! I WILL BE POSTING A VERY EXTENSIVE VIDEO OF THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF EVERY SINGLE DAY PUBLICLY SO OTHER VICTIMS KNOW THEY ARE NOT ALONE.