Owen County Kentucky Judge takes grandson for dependency, unjustly.

My grandson has been in our care since he was 4. He's now 14. He shoved me and as a lesson I called the sheriff in an attempt to teach him that you can't just shove people. The next day we went to court and instead of reading my grandson the riot act, the Judge took him from us under the reason of dependency? They put my grandson into Foster Care and gave us no visits or calls or information. They are now forcing us to have supervised visits and I have managed to get him out of the unsupervised Foster Care home he was in. I fussed enough and they placed him into my dads house. Which is next door to me yet still demanding supervised visits? Why??
We had him in counseling and had done so since he came to us. They denied him his therapist until I made a fuss and got his therapist involved. They're going to force us to see a $1,000.00 per person psychological guy for an assessment as well. That's 3 grand spent on Kentucky's already strained income. This has turned into legal kidnapping for no good reason. Help us put an end to all this unneeded stress, trauma and waste of money and get our grandson back home. "In God We Trust"

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