Organized Crime against domestic citizens

I have been being harassed since residing in Missouri and currently in Washington D.C. My emails have been hacked, my phone calls have been re-directed, my finances have been tampered with and I have been followed by numerous random people. I read about "Gangstalking" and it basically summarizes the things that have been going on. I was a poll worker in the election Trump lost and am certain that my previous employer in Independence Missouri has played a role in this harassment. It's a network of sorts because literally EVERY person who I should trust is involved. Dr's, Bus Drivers, Employers, Postal Workers, Lyft/Empower drivers, Amazon deliverer have all made my life hell. HIIPA laws have been violated and I'm under 24 hour surveillance. I do not sleep well, my paranoia is heightened and NO ONE believes me. This things are REALLY happening to TARGETED individuals like me and is a complete violation of my Civil Rights.