Opposing Education Cut Backs

Cut backs on early education and talks about larger class sizes 37:1 student: teacher ratios

I'm extremely concerned about the current talks in the news regarding 37:1 student: teacher ratios. This is unjust and unfair to the students and the teacher. I believe that something must be done; we can't afford to allow this to happen in our already failing school system. As a dedicated and concerned mother, I oppose everything that is going on with how officials are handling our children's education and the direction congress is taking with school closings, proposals of larger classroom sizes and the abuse on teachers.

My 5 year old son has been attending Bateman Elementary School since he was 3 years of age. His time at Bateman has demonstrated a significant change in his academic and social development. There are four teachers (Ms. Murphy, Ms. Nora, Ms. Spector, and Ms. Sandoval) I want to commend for their hard work and dedication to their students. I believe that if it wasn't for the education he received at Bateman during the early years of his life he wouldn't be as developed as he is today. It?s been a long journey to get where we are today with my sons development. With the proposal of cut backs in education this will affect his progress and hard work that many teachers and therapist invested in his education. These proposals of cutbacks are taking a step back from everything teachers have worked so hard to accomplish. This is a step in the wrong direction.

What will become of hard working parents and families who deserve more? These proposals are difficult for parents as well; it feels as if parents are forced to choose daycare or a private school over public school, in order for our children to get the education every child deserves. During this financial crisis, not all parents have the finances to send their children to private schools. It feels as if parents will have to choose between their child's safety and education in school, or being able to pay rent.

If students are already suffering and are not at grade level, my concern is for those special needs kids. What is to be expected of a special needs child in a classroom of 37:1 as congress is proposing. How are they going to receive the attention they need and deserve? The numbers are rising with Children who have Special needs. The education cut back proposal will greatly affect these children. What will become of their future as well as society as a whole if our children suffer with lack of education? This is not an issue that only effects teachers and our children, this affects us all. If we allow this proposition to pass, this failing school system will continue to affect our future as a whole.