open letter regarding Azerbaijan's war with Armenia and Speier resolution draft

We, The people of the United States of Azerbaijani and Turkish origin are protesting against the initiative of Congressional Armenian Caucus Co-Chair Jackie Speier, who is set to introduce in the House a resolution draft, promoted by a group of 46 Members of the House lobbied by Armenian Assembly of America. The resolution is planned to hinder the process of liberation of internationally recognized south-western territories of Azerbaijan - Karabakh and surrounding regions - from the continuous occupation by Armenia’s armed forces, backed by Russia and Iran. It will also prevent the process of returning hundreds of thousands internally displaced people to their lands and homes.
We are sure the position of the US Congress should be aligned with international law and United Nations resolutions which are very clear about this matter.
We know that your time is valuable, hereby we provide some of the UN resolutions with important statements highlighted, to make it convenient for You to quickly see the position of UN:

Here are the links to the same UN resolutions in the UN digital library:

United Nations Security Council Resolution 822 (30 April 1993)
United Nations Security Council Resolution 853 (29 July 1993)
United Nations Security Council Resolution 874 (14 October 1993)
United Nations Security Council Resolution 884 (12 November 1993)
UN Note by the President of Security Council S/PRST/1995/21 26 April 1995
UN Note by the President of Security Council S/26326 18 August 1993
UN General Assembly on 14 March 2008 A/RES/62/243

Here are more resolutions of UN and other international organizations, all documents in 1 file:

We remind, that the position of recognized aggressor in the region, Armenia, is backed by Russian and Iranian government regimes (but not by all people of these countries), and certain terrorist groups from Lebanon and Syria. These are mainly the mercenaries who help Armenia to keep under military occupation a large chunk of Azerbaijan’s sovereign territories for almost 30 years now.
All this time, Azerbaijan has approximately 700 thousands of internally displaced people, who had to flee for their life in the process of ethnic cleansing organized by Armenian forces. It is one of the world's highest per capita concentrations of displaced populations in the world. Their basic human rights and freedoms were violated by Armenia. The fact is well known and largely discussed in the documents linked above. Their unalienable right to return home is what justifies the liberation of the land. Azerbaijan never performed, nor plans to perform ethnic cleansings, and guarantees civil rights and cultural autonomy to all ethnic minorities on its territory. The fact stands, that Azerbaijan is largely multi-ethnic diverse country, while Armenia is one of the most monoethnic countries in the world and the only monoethnic country in this large region.
The position of Azerbaijan is politically backed by Israel, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgian Republic - all strategic allies of the USA, as well as Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and many other countries. Huge community of US voters from these countries expresses sympathy with Azerbaijan’s effort to restore its territorial integrity and justice for the internally displaced people. This voice, together with resolutions of the UN should outweigh the well organized manipulations of Armenian lobby.
We hope for your support, and definitely we are ready to meet and provide more information and evidence on the subject.

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